Paper Flower + Handmade Cards {tutorial}

Everyone in my family knows that I send handmade cards rather than store-bought ones for all sorts of occasions - birthdays, Mother's and Father's Day, etc. My cards vary in their quality and attractiveness, usually depending on the amount of time I have, how tired I am, the materials I have on hand, blah blah blah. But guess what, fellow DIYers?! I believe I have created my signature card.

Without further ado, I present to you..... 
The Scrapbook Flower Card
Dear family, you will be receiving lots of these sorts of cards in the future.  :)

The clear focal point of this card design is the flower. Would you like to know how I made the paper flower? It is unbelievably easy and fast to make! 

  • Scrapbook paper { < $0.25} (multicolored paper works best in my opinion)
  • Water (I can hear you saying, "hmm?" We will revisit this in a sec.)
  • Cute design scissors {$1} (Not sure of the technical name - it's the kind that you use for crafting to get a curvy cut.)
  • Needle and thread {probably you will have this on hand}
  • Button {optional}
      Time:  4 minutes/ flower (c'mon, you have time to make this)

3 Steps to Make a Scrapbook Paper Flower

Step 1 - Cut out 5 loose circles with your fancy pants scissors. No guide is necessary. Just eyeball it and try to make each circle a little bit smaller or bigger than the last. Circles that are not perfectly round work best because it gives that natural, organic feel to your flower.

Step 2 - Water your 5 cutouts. That's right - sprinkle a few drops on the paper until it's damp. Now the paper is more malleable and ready to bloom!! {hehe} Take each circle of paper and squish them in from the center, as shown below.

Step 3 - Lay the 5 circle cutouts on top of one another, and then sew together in the center. 

{Optional} Step 4 - Why not add a button to top it off? Cute :)

What do you think? Me likey :)

To create the handmade cards, I used  mod podge and scrapbook paper to cover some card forms (or you can make your own out of construction paper). Then I added a band of a different scrapbook paper going horizontally across the card. This combo seemed to please my eyes the most. Alternatively, you could make smaller flowers, which would save room to write Happy Birthday or anything you want on the card using sticker letters.

Here are some more pics: 

(This is the one shown in the steps. This card was before I discovered using buttons and bands of scrapbook paper.)

I think the brighter ones are pretty too.

All together now.

Do you have any tips for making other sorts of paper flowers? I'm kind of obsessed with this one right now, but in a few weeks I don't doubt that I will be looking for a different flower to make.  :)