Why 31 diy projects?

So, here's the deal. I love to make things. I tend to be happiest when I am in the midst of a project. Even when it is cheaper and easier to buy something that's already made, I will often still make it myself. That way I have custom pieces that are somewhat unique. Fortunately, however, I usually find that it is less expensive to make things myself because a lot of the materials are already lying around the house.  

Despite my love of all things DIY, I sort of got away from it this past year, which was my first year of graduate school. But now, a year later, I feel that I have acclimated to life as a grad student - even the stress and long hours - so I'm ready to get back to my passion for designing, creating, and making. So, to get back to the question, why specifically 31 projects? Well, one day when I should have been reading up on research, I feverishly started scribbling down all of the projects I would like to do. By the time I put down the pen and looked at my list, I had 31 projects! So that is why I have this list. 

Note that this is a dynamic and evolving list. I will likely add to it when the mood strikes me. I welcome project suggestions to add to the list, as well as comments, criticisms, or questions about my tutorials. Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my blog! Feel free to send me a link to your blog in the comments or via email (31diyproject@gmail.com); I would love to see the projects you're working on!