To-Do list

  1. Make a lampshade
  2. Decorate the area above the kitchen countertops
  3. Cover the file cabinet in contact paper
  4. Re-stain cabinets so that they look refreshed
  5. Make a headboard with plywood and fabric
  6. Sew cute pillows for the couches
  7. Make a tote with pretty fabric
  8. Make a dog bed
  9. Sew curtains for the study/guest bedroom
  10. Paint J's desk
  11. Fix messy light fixture in kitchen somehow
  12. Make a lamp base
  13. Create interesting wall art
  14. Make kitchen curtains out of placemats
  15. Find a solution for the ugly light fixture in the guest bedroom
  16. Re-upholster our desk chairs
  17. Make a darling picture frame
  18. Make a decorative mirror
  19. Make a decorative key holder to hang near front door
  20. Modify the ugly floor lamp to be cute
  21. Create a unique and far-from-boring flower pot (oh, and buy some plants)
  22. Make adhesive wall art out of contact paper
  23. Paper the inside of bathroom drawers
  24. Make a cute agenda/planner
  25. Find a way to hide cords underneath desk
  26. Find a solution for dressing up the stairway walls
  27. Create super cute and original greeting cards
  28. Make a tissue box cover that is not tacky
  29. Turn unusable bathroom shelving into practical shelving
  30. Make a pencil holder (out of something unusual, perhaps?)
  31. Create romantic outdoor lighting

     Additional projects I'm thinking about: