Warm and Comfy Sweater Pillow!

I had quite a bit of leftover cable knit sweater from my sweater candle cozie project, so why not make a pillow cover? Sweater pillows have been popping up in home decor stores as well as all over the blog world lately. And I can see why because they give you a warm comfy feeling whether you are resting your head on one or just staring at your handmade sweater pillow in admiration. 

Here is how mine turned out:

It was soo easy to make, even without a sewing machine! I simply placed my pillow form inside the body of the sweater--luckily, it was a perfect fit--and then cut one side and hand sewed two of the sides. 
I didn't turn the sweater inside out while I sewed, so it has kind of a rough edge. I'd like to say I did that for some creative unique reason, but honestly, I just wasn't really thinking. It's not bad, though! 
P.S. The husband really liked this one! That's saying something because his enthusiasm for my projects has waned recently, probably because I tend to strew unfinished projects throughout the house, not wanting to put them away until they are completely finished. Haha...oops! At least he's a good sport about it. I can make this one of my many New Year's resolutions.  

P.S.S. My little Heidz approves! She is an expert on all things comfort-related, so I value her opinion highly. (I am not crazy, I promise...okay, maybe a little dog crazy.) 
She was wearing her Christmas sweater because we just got back from taking our family Christmas portrait. Some dogs may feel humiliated when their owners make them wear clothes, but Heidi LOVES a snug little tee or sweater.
I also need to throw in a pic of my other cutie patootie, Jini. Otherwise, I would feel like I was leaving her out .
Yes, that is a leopard print Snuggie and my fleece jacket that she is laying on. She is my other comfort expert, if you can't tell. ;)
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  1. So pretty and comfy! I may need to update our family room pillows like this!

  2. Cute pillow...cute dogs too! Heidi looks so cute with her nose all tucked in. So sweet!

  3. I really want to try one of these, and the candles to, my living room has kind of a nature theme (fall leave coasters,brown colors) I think these would fit the theme so well, nice and cozy. Thanks for sharing all your fantastic ideas.

  4. Nothing beats a good sweater pillow.
    Thank you for linking up to www.thetshirtdiaries.com

  5. Very pretty and comfy... I am also going to make them.... In this chilled weather what a comfort and coziness they have... want to cuddle them...
    I would love if you come and enjoy the fragrance of sweet potpourri heart at

  6. I just want to cuddle up to this pillow by the fire!

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  7. What a pretty pillow. :o)
    I am googling sweater pillows
    and found yours. :o)
    Sincerely, Trish


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