Family Name Photo Art {tutorial}

I'm back home visiting my family for Christmas, and it's been great to see my parents and sisters! My middle sister suggested we make a Christmas gift for my dad. She is so creative, so I was totally game. K showed me some pictures she had taken of ordinary objects which represented each letter of our family's last name. Look at these awesome photos she took!

Love 'em! To turn these photos into a great gift, K, J (my youngest sister) and I headed over to Hobby Lobby to pick up a nice black frame. We got ours for around $20, I think. We also got four pieces of scrapbook paper for 29 cents each. The girls and I went with a burlap printed paper, and we ended up loving it! It's a nice neutral background for the black and white photos. We also bought some foam board ($1.59) to create our own mat.

The first step was to cut out the foam board to the dimensions of the mat that was in the frame. Then we used Mod Podge to adhere the burlap paper to the board.

Next, we mod podged the photos to the paper. And voila!

We showed it to the parentals tonight, and they absolutely LOVE it! My dad is going to hang it in his office.  :)


  1. I love what you've used to make the letters! I was thinking of doing this same project for my parents and you've inspired me to use items that are already in my home rather than outside items (fence post, signs, etc). Thank you!

  2. That is just beautiful. I know your dad is going to love it. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas, Vicky

  3. Gorgeous! You are amazingly talented. :) Merry Christmas!!

    -Candice @ Rattles and Redheads

  4. You did such a great job! It looks beautiful!

  5. it looks great! i am working on 2 of them myself. one for the in-laws and one for my parents. could you tell me what size frame you used and also what size were the pictures of the letters.


  6. I LOVE this! Thanks so much for linking up today at just a girl! I'm so glad I found your site. I'm pretty new to the blogging world but would love for you to stop by @ lifessweeterwithchocolate.blogspot.com

  7. This is an awesome idea! I love it! I found you on the thrifty decor chick blog and am browsing around your pages for a while now. Good job on your blog!
    I am also new to blogging and just started out with a few little projects. Stop by if you have some time. You can find me @ niftythriftythings.blogspot.com

  8. Whoa! Clever or what?! I've never seen something like that before (maybe I live in a bubble?) but I love it!


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