Tutorial: How to make a simple and cute dog bed in 10 minutes

Have you shopped around for a cute dog bed lately? Well, don't bother if you want to find one that is both inexpensive and easy on the eyes. The trouble I've always had is finding one that fits in with my home decor.

I think the companies that make these dog beds are attempting to pick colors and patterns that will go with any decor, but herein lies the problem. These round, frumpy dog beds are usually an atrocious mix of pattern on top of pattern and clashing colors, which I guess is supposed to go with the color and style of any room...? Umm...fail! You probably know what I'm talking about if you have seen these generic dog beds at your local pet store.

So, for the people out there who want their dog to have his/her own comfortable space but who refuse to sacrifice style and a bunch of dough, I think I have a really simple solution. 

Materials - 1.5 yards of fabric of your choice ($5 for mine); standard pillow (used is preferable, new is $6); sewing machine (mine was $22) (or plain old needle and thread will work); measuring tape ($1); scissors ($2)

Time - approximately 10 minutes

Step 1 - After you iron the fabric, lay it out and place the pillow on top. In order to save yourself from having to sew one of the sides, fold the fabric over one of the long sides of the pillow. From that point, measure around the other three sides of the pillow adding 2.5 inches to each side.

Step 2 - Then cut the fabric.

(Note: You can outline the pillow with a fabric pen, or you can do what I did and just eyeball it.) 

Step 3 - Insert pins along the sides that you are going to sew. About 1 inch from the edge is preferable. This will keep the fabric in place as you sew the pieces together.

(Love my purple sewing machine!)
Step 4 - With matching thread, sew the long side and one of the short sides. Then remove the pins.

(Note: If your fabric is one-sided, make sure you make your stitches with the fabric inside out. I know this is common sense, but I'm pretty sure I have sewn something on the wrong side before, so I figure it never hurts to mention it.)

Step 5 - Hem the remaining unfinished side by turning the edge of the cloth up and over to form a 2.5 inch hem, which you should then sew. (Note: You may want a wider hem depending on how tightly you want the fabric to cover the pillow.)

Then insert the pillow and finish off the opened side by sewing it shut with a nice clean row of stitches.

(Note: Another option in case you want to be able to wash your dog bed is to sew in a zipper or sew velcro to both sides.)

That's it! In 10 short minutes, your dog will be able to kick back on his/her new bed and look good doin' it.

(Note: The gorgeous girl modeling in this photo is my Heidi, who is a dachshund mix. )

And another one with my sweet Heidz...

Here is another one with both of my girls. The precious girl on the left is Jini -- she's a Jackhuahua (a.k.a. Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua mix). Both of them can't fit comfortably on one pillow - nor would they want to lie next to each other - so I'm going to make another one.


  1. Loved your posts. Wish I could make dog beds your size, would make life here easier. My dog is a greyhound, then I also help to rescue other greys that are just coming off the track, as you can see these dogs need quite a bigger bed. Wish I could find and older bed around that might need a new cover.
    I loved your post about the pillow idea, will try that.
    Thanks, Linda

  2. your dog (the one without collar) is the exact same as mine


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