Sew many possibilities with my mini sewing machine!

First of all, sorry for the cheesy title. Couldn't help myself. Too excited. 

Just wanted to share how thrilled I am with my new mini sewing machine! I'm dreaming of all of the projects that I will now be able to do with the help of this little guy. 
Specifically, I need to make curtains soon, and I would also like to make a tote. I think it can hold up to the challenge, too, because I have already used it to make one project - a dog bed. The little purple machine did a nice job. I pulled at the seems and the stitches seem quite strong, perhaps even strong enough to withstand the havoc my two little doggers will inevitably wreak on it. :)

Anyway, if you're looking for a starter sewing machine, as I was since I had not sewn in years, then you might want to look into this one. I got mine from HSN for $22 last week, which I thought was a bargain until I just found out that they're now selling it   for $17. Oh well...I'm still super pumped about all of the DIY possibilities!

UPDATE: In the last couple of weeks, my mini sewer stopped working. :( It's possible that I'm doing something wrong or messed it up in some way, but it's probably just that this inexpensive machine was not built to last. Sorry I suggested it before!


  1. I read the reviews on this.. I saw bad ones and really good ones. I really want to learn to sew..it's been years since I have even dealt with the basics. Is this easy to use, for even sewing lackies? lol.

    Candice @ rattles and redheads

  2. Hi Candice!
    Yes, it was super easy to just pick up and start sewing. I was THRILLED with it. But then it suddenly stopped working. :( (Hence, all the no-sew projects I've been working on lately.) I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with it - I need to contact the HSN people and see if I can get a new one or a refund. Anyway, I feel bad that I recommended this particular mini sewing machine when it didn't hold up very well.

    Anyway, definitely do not buy this one, but if the better quality machines are as easy to use as this one was, then you will pick it up in no time.

  3. You can get a singer simple sewing machine on amazon for under 100.00 on amazon. I have had a singer simple (very basic sewing machine) for 10 years and I sew every week. I have had no trouble with it. And you can find lots of videos on youtube for troubleshooting tension problems and things like that.


Thanks for your kind comments!