Bathroom closet reorganized to be functional and pretty

Organization....aaahh. It's such a beautiful word when you think about it. Now put it together with "closet." Say it with me, "organized closet." Even better!

Now if I could just get my closets organized and keep them that way all of the time without exception. {Dreaming...} Well, until then, I can at least make it easier on myself to make it a habit to put away my hair products after doing my hair in the morning. If it looks nice and there is a spot for everything, then I am a lot more likely to put in the effort. Plus, with designated spots for all of my products, it's not a guessing game as to where in the heck I should put my contact solution, for instance. 

So, here is my bathroom closet before

(I have a lot of products, I know. Hehe...I like to stock up, so that I never go a day where I'm missing something.)

As you can see, the shelves are not very functional, despite the fact that the overall size of the closet is pretty good. The space making up the slats in the shelves is just big enough to let most things fall through or fall partially through, so I typically do a lot of readjusting and/or picking up off the floor and placing the object back on the shelf. As you can imagine, that didn't exactly encourage me to put my stuff back in the closet after using it, because it was a major pain to put it back. 

Anywho, to fix this problem, I ran over to Target and picked up some thick rolls of material...? Okay, that does not make any sense….haha! I just can't remember what it is called. You'll know what I'm talking about when you scroll down to the after picture. I also bought a few baskets and 2 spinning plate things.
Here are some after pics!

I already had this desk drawer organizer, but it is perfect for my hair accessories and tools. See you can put bobby pins in one of the dividers, hair rubber bands in the other, etc. 

I cannot tell you how much my reorganized closet has improved my life! It sounds silly, I know. But I honestly feel better about myself when I keep an organized closet. And it's kind of pretty too!

I actually did this project a few weeks ago, and I am happy to report that I have kept it up (for the most part, anyway!). The trick now is getting my husband to put his stuff away. Oh and you'll notice in the after picture that I only allotted him one basket, but it's not because I'm a meanie but rather because that's all he needed for his toiletries.

Also, if you are wondering how I attached the shelf liner (oh! That's the name I was trying to recall earlier), I ended up sewing it on. That's right. I sewed it to the shelf with a needle and thread. I made big long stitches across the front and the back, like so…

It didn't take very long, and it only cost around $40 in total. That's still a little rich for my blood, but I have to admit it was worth it. The biggest expense was the 2 rolls of shelf liner at $10/roll at Target. The spinning plate organization things were $6.99 a piece, but again, well worth it.  

Yay for organization!!! Yay for closets that make us happy!!!

Do you have photos of a DIY closet makeover? I would love to see them and show them off in a post! Just leave a comment or send me a message at 31diyproject[at]gmail[dot]com.

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  1. Your a genious! I love it! Can you come to my house? No. Seriously! Can you come to my house!!???
    I may be stealing some idea's for sure!

  2. What a clever way to make those shelves functional! (I personally have issues with these shelves, for the very reasons you noted.) SEWING shelf lining to them?? Smart. And cute.

    Thanks for your comment on my little topiaries!

  3. Thanks for linking up with the Just One Change. Join us next Tuesday for another edition!

  4. What a creative and pretty idea. Those shelves aren't very functional for a bathroom supply closet, are they? I love the spinny trays too. It all turned out perfect. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.

  5. You're very resourceful and creative. I didn't know what will I do with the stuffs in my bathroom. Thanks to you I have a good idea how to make up on it.

  6. Clever! This is such a simple solution to a very aggravating issue!

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