New blog header!!!

I am all smiles right now! And it is all thanks to a great tutorial over at Simply Amusing Designs. This tutorial makes it so easy to understand. In fact, I cannot believe I didn't make one before. All you do is basically create a JPEG image, with a resolution of 700 x 250 pixels. Then, in draft.blogger.com, go to Design, then Edit Header, upload your image, and you're done! By the way, it's possible to make your own little graphics, like I did with my bird and flowers, with the free editing software Gimp. It does take some time, but it's really fun once you figure out all of the cool things you can do.

Anyway, you all probably already know how to do this, but just thought I'd share that tutorial I used in case any new bloggers stumble onto this post.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions or wants to give me any feedback on my header (I'm not afraid of a little criticism), I would really appreciate it. 

Thanks so much!!!


  1. Hi, I stumbled across your site today and found this post interesting. I am a web designer, so even better.

    I really like your design a lot. I like your background, your header and all.

    Great job.

  2. Hi Renee'! Thanks so much! I really appreciate the kind words! :)

  3. Lauren,

    Thanks for the link love - glad my tutorial helped you! I'm going to be working on TONS of new tutorials the next year for blogger folk - so keep an eye out. :)



Thanks for your kind comments!