Tutorial: Light and breezy no-sew curtains

I can't believe I waited so long to make these curtains for our office/guest bedroom. It was unbelievably easy. It was also a relatively inexpensive project. I spent a total of around $15 to make 2 sets of curtains - that is $7.50 per window treatment! Yay! (It makes me smile just thinking about it.) Plus, when you go with handmade curtains, you can make them fit the exact dimensions of your window.

○ The amount of fabric will depend on your window, but I used 4 yards of fabric (I bought two precut 2-yard packs of white muslin fabric from Walmart for $5 a pack.)
No-sew iron-on tape - stitch witchery or something like that ($2.79)
Scissors (already own)
Iron and ironing board (already own)

Time - approx. 1.5 hrs

So this project is pretty straightforward, but I figure it never hurts to show someone exactly how I made mine, in case it makes the process easier in anyway.

Step 1 - Measure your windows to see how long and wide you want your panels. Remember to leave enough extra fabric for finishing off the edges, so add an extra 1 to 1.5 inches to the width and an extra 6 to 7 inches to the length.

Step 2 - Then, cut the fabric to those dimensions.

Step 3 - Fold over a section on the top that is around 4 or 5 inches. Place the stitch witchery or other no-sew tape underneath the fold, leaving a gap for your curtain rod, and press it with your iron set at a high level.

Step 4 - Finish off your sides the same way with the no-sew tape, but make the fold as small as possible.

That's it! Oh, and P.S. I got the rods for around $9 at Target. Suh-weet!

Here are some more shots of my curtains. They're not perfect, but it sure beats not having any window coverings at all. (You'll notice that we do not have miniblinds or anything - well, we did, but I couldn't stand them any longer and tore them off. Hehe.)

I'm thinking about adding some decorative details around the bottom or the sides of the curtains, but I'm not 100% sure that is a good idea. Any thoughts? Thanks so much!

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  1. I'm not sure the bottom needs anything, but I did see some curtains (that I've been meaning to try...one day) that have just some funky fabric sewn on the bottom, like maybe another 4 inches or so? But I kind of like the airey-ness (so not a word) of what you've got, especially next to what looks like sage on the bed.

  2. Great job! I love that no-sew hem tape stuff. I use it to turn pants into capris. I'm not sure you should add anything to the curtains but I'm a plain jane type of person so that is just me. Thanks for following my blog!

  3. Thanks so much for the nice comments and for helping me with my question! :) Now that you all mention it, I can see how adding details to the bottom may take away from the airy-ness (I say it's a word!) of the curtains. I think I just had the urge to take it up a notch, but in the meantime I would be overdoing it and the curtains would be ruined. (Ha...sounds like something I've done before)

  4. Looks GREAT!!! Thanks SO much for joining in on Thrilling Thursdays @ Paisley Passions. I hope to see you again this week :)
    ~Lori S.
    Thrilling Thursdays @Paisley Passions

  5. I'll definitely be making those. I think you could work in a nice pelmet box above your curtains, they're so easy to make and they always look nice (I made some for my Freshman dorm room haha!). The tutorial is on LittleGreenNotebook! I can't wait to try out these curtains myself!


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