A natural and free vase filler

I was looking for something to fill a cute fish-bowl-like  vase that I picked up from Dollar Tree for $1. I wanted to use it to decorate my bathroom countertop, since I recently gave the bathroom cabinets a new lease on life.

I was walking my sweet girls…

…when I remembered the mini pinecones I used last year in a project involving a Christmas wreath. So, I picked up some of these cuties, spray painted them my leftover Krylon spray paint in Celery. And voila! A beautiful and natural vase filler was born!

What have you used pinecones for lately? We're in North Carolina, so we've got tons of them around. Most of them are in good shape, too, not crushed or anything. My point is if anyone has other ideas, I would love to try them.

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day!  :)

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