Swiss Miss Can {Repurposed} as a Tea Container

Hello fellow bloggers! Just thought I would share a simple little project that has made me surprisingly happy considering it is a small change.

My husband loves to drink tea, whereas I am more of a Diet Pepsi kind of person. Anyway, he tends to leave out on the counter the cardboard box thing that the tea comes in from the store. It's not a big deal - I know I have at least one or two a hundred annoying habits. But if you can fix the problem without having to go through the struggle of changing the behavior, then why not, right?

I was about to throw away an empty Swiss Miss can in the trash (and I was feeling guilty about it. Thanks a lot, Al Gore! Just kidding. I really am an avid fan of recycling.) when I realized that I good repurpose it. Yay! (Thankfully, my guilt was allayed....{sigh of  relief}.) So, this is where scrapbook paper and double-sided tape come in. I think the rest is pretty much common sense.  :)

Having this container sitting on our kitchen countertop is much more pleasing to the eye!

What have you all repurposed/recycled? I'd love some other ideas, because I truly do feel much better about myself when I can reuse something instead of sending it to the junkyards forever.  


  1. yes, it is indeed a great way to reuse the can! I like the way you designed your blog around the 31 DIY projects ;-). My repurpose idea: cover different sizes of shoeboxes with wrapping-paper scraps and use them as christmas-storage boxes. They are a lovely decoration UNDER the christmastree when the ornaments are hanging IN the tree! I will post some pictures of them on my blog when we are getting closer to December.

  2. @Maaike - That's a great idea! Thanks for commenting! :)

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Thanks for your kind comments!