April Fools Comic

Today's post is not diy-related at all, but since it is April Fools Day, I'm dying to share this comic I drew of a prank I pulled on my husband last year! He is such a good sport because I prank him every year on April Fools. Poor guy never knows it is coming either.  :)  I'm lucky to have a partner who will put up with my shenanigans (hehe).

Here is the comic. You can click the picture and view it larger. 

Haha! I still laugh every time I think about it. What pranks did you play this year? 


  1. Cute! My husband wouldn't be as good a sport about that. Oh...he could (and has) pull some stuff on me, but it's a one-way street;)

  2. ROFL!! I had heard of this prank and considered driving to my husbands office and moving his car out of the parking garage so when he left the office he couldn't find it. It would have been perfect considering another vehicle was stolen out of there two days prior! Thanks for linking this up to my party! Look forward to seeing what you have to share again next week =)

  3. Hahahahaha! That is so funny! And your husband is such a great sport -- not sure my husband would laugh(but I would)....:)

  4. I love the way the doggies are giggling. Didn't they love being in on the joke?

  5. That's hilarious :) Glad he still falls for the pranks! I did the whole "stolen car" thing with my cousin this year! Priceless & mischievious.

  6. Hi Lauren-
    I stopped by to say thanks for following me:) Your blog is so cute-you are one talented girl! Your quatrefoil desk is awesome!
    I'm following you now and am excited to see what you've got in store next!

  7. hahaha! cute comic! I think my fiance would have a heart attack if I played that trick on him haha!


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