Grad school and DIYing aren't a good mix...

...but that won't stop me!

Books to help me get through my psych program, if possible...
Classes and research are back in full swing for the fall semester. That means lots of reading, writing, lab meetings, running sessions, attending classes...blah blah blah. I am very interested in the field I am in and everything, but the accompanying stress and lack of free time can be overwhelming sometimes, not to mention the detrimental impact they have on my crafting and DIYing. Nonetheless, I am dedicated to keeping up my hobby as well as sharing my projects on this blog. Yay! Plus, I can't resist checking out other people's blogs to see what new projects you and others have been working on, and consequently I will be so inspired that I will put down that journal article and hightail it out of the lab to go home and work on what truly makes me happy. :)

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