Thrifty find: Dollar store soap dispensers

Total cost to switch out 5 bottles = $5. Washing my hands with soap from a bottle with a fresh appearance and clean lines = Priceless.

During a recent trip to Dollar Tree, where everything is $1...seriously, everything, I stumbled upon some nicely shaped bottles filled with lotion. The wheels started turning and I realized that these chicer-looking bottles may be a nice substitution for the boring, generic soap dispensers that I am using now, so I bought 4 small lotion bottles and 1 big one. I felt guilty and wasteful dumping out all of the lotion, but there was no way I could use it because merely touching it made my skin start to itch and turn red (no surprise there - who knows what chemicals are in dollar store lotion?) Anyway, with a little bit of effort, I was able to rinse away all of the lotion and peel the labels off. Then, I simply filled the bottles with soap and voila!

Here is the after shot:
Much better!
And here is the before pic:
Because I filled some of the bottles with Dial White Tea soap, they were clear and, therefore, kind of plain, so I looked around for scraps of ribbon to dress them up. I found this ribbon stashed away in a drawer and taped it around the tops of these soap and lotion dispensers. I think it turned out nicely. 
Dressed up with a touch of ribbon
In sum, after trading out the boring bottles for these chicer ones, I realize how a small change can have a big impact. You can bet I will be raiding my local Dollar Tree for more thrifty finds!


  1. Love this!
    I'm planning on posting about my dish soap tomorrow - we seem to think alike, small changes make huge differences

  2. Thanks! Small changes really do have a big impact. :)


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