How nice! Someone featured me!

I don't want to sound boastful or anything, but I just wanted to share that Jessica B. over at Sugar in My Grits featured my blog last week. I am so appreciative that she would take the time to - not only look through my projects - but to have nice things to say about my tutorials in a post. That means so much to me and totally made my day when I found out. 

I also want to mention that you should check out her blog because she has a lot of good stuff! Jessica B. is a military spouse and a mother to both human and canine children. I can definitely relate to her with regard to the furry little ones, but the non-furry ones? Not so much. hehe 

Anyway, I am so appreciative to Jessica B. Thank you!

On an unrelated note, I picked up some cool-looking knobs at Pier1 for my wood TV stand. This project is not a DIY project at all, though I wish it was. I'm just showing it here because of my post yesterday about spray painting furniture pulls, and it's interesting how much of a difference this one small change can make.

I decided not to use spray paint in this case because I wasn't sure what color would work for my living room (it's full of rich, warm colors). I didn't really want to spray paint it a metallic gold color, any of the pale colors wouldn't work, and the brighter colors can look cheap, so my lil' DIY hands were tied. At least that's what I'm going with...

Before with an outdated pull

After with Pier1 knobs

I'm kind of liking the knobs! They were $4 a piece...not too bad, right?

Obviously, I still need to do something about the beaten up piece of furniture. Does anyone have any suggestions? Paint? If so, what color? Stain? Would I have to strip it first? Your advise is greatly appreciated.



  1. TY for mentioning me.& it was my pleasure featuring you :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. OOoo the knobs look great! It's neat that such a little thing can make a big difference. Recently when I was at Anthropologie I saw that they had a tonne of really great, unique drawer pulls...I wan't to buy all of them, but they're pricey! Hmm..I'm sorry I don't have lots of advice on painting that piece or staining it, but I do think a new color would definitely update and change the look of it dramatically..in a good way! :O)

  3. i just gave you an award...and so did vanessa, lol!


  4. Hey, I was coming here to tell you that I was nominating you for the Stylish Blogger Award, but Nifty Thrifty beat me to it. LOL See how many people love your blog? ;)

  5. Hi Lauren! I've awarded you with a Stylish Blogger Award. Come on over and see.



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