Guest Bedroom: Before & After

I am finally getting around to posting my new and improved guest bedroom. It is by no means finished since I'm always wanting to change things, but it is much better than the ugly, mismatched look we had going on before.

It's actually an inviting and serene place now, where I can get stuff done (it's also our work space). In addition, I am no longer embarrassed to have guests stay in there. And we do get quite a few guests because J and I live in NC but we are from OK, so family and friends come to visit us, which we really appreciate!

Are you ready for it? Here are some BEFORE pictures:

Do you see the sweet little dog sleeping on her blanket? Love her

Now for some AFTER pictures. Sorry they are so dark! (It's weird how natural light makes a room look darker in pictures than it really is.)

Here are all the things I did to the guest bedroom:

1. Painted the room
5. Covered the lampshade on my desk with pretty fabric
6. Made a cork lamp base, but have since replaced it
7. Created a starburst mirror for $2
10. Spray painted and reupholstered the desk chair
17. Made some easy & inexpensive wall art

What do you think? :) Thanks for looking!



  1. Hi lauren, Thankyou for visiting my blog I liked yours too. I have become a follower of your blog

  2. i am loving the color and that mirror behind the bed! it looks lovely in here. also, i am officially your newest follower. woot!

  3. hiya , i love what you did with the guest bedroom making it multi functional the swivel chair looks great and the little birds beside the dog bed is a really cute touch x

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