Do you like discounts and coupons? I do!

Although revamping and repurposing are my passions, I also like to to be thrifty and get a good deal. Who doesn't, right? I am always buying things online. I even buy a lot of my clothes online from clothing stores where I know that certain sizes and styles work for me. When I buy online, I often search around for discount codes if I don't already have one, because often times a discount is available - you just have to know to look in the right places!

http://www.couponchief.com is a good site for locating many of these coupons. You can either do a custom search for a specific store, or you can click a tag such as "clothing," and you will find many great coupon codes on stores - currently, there is a 40% off code for The Limited, a 20% off code for Payless shoe store, just to name a few.

In fact, I tried out the 20% off Payless coupon to buy a cute pair of tan peep-toe wedges. Suh-weet! I've also had a code not work, though, for a different store. But I only lost maybe 5 seconds trying it, so no harm done. The reason why some codes do not work is because individuals are posting the codes, and occasionally they are inaccurate, expired, etc. Next to each code that someone has posted, people who have tried using the coupons will respond whether it worked for their purchase or not. I have found that those having an 80% success rate or higher are usually valid, but you really just have to try it to see if it works for you and if it qualifies for your purchase.

Clothing stores are not by any means the only ones with coupons. If you're looking for fabric to make DIY curtains, pillows, or anything for a project, there are Joann Fabric & Crafts coupons.Yay! I need to use this one myself! :) Anyway, I wouldn't recommend you all check this site out unless I believed it could truly save you money without investing that much time, but I want to mention that I am being compensated for this site review, so I realize my perception may be influenced by that fact. But there are no gimmicks here or sign-ups required, so there are no risks if you want to search for coupons next time you're about to buy something. I know I will be doing just that!



  1. I LOVE using coupon codes I find online. I don't think I have ordered clothes without one in a few years. I also like when a store lets you use more than one code..score!

  2. No doubt couonchief is a great resource to find coupons but I'm using couponjinn.com because they are providing verified coupon codes & promo codes.

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