Cork Tissue Box Cover {tutorial}

Hi all! Thanks so much for entering my giveaway! I've been thrilled with the turn out. 

Just wanted to write a quick post to show you my new cork tissue box cover, which I am displaying proudly (ha!) on my bathroom countertop. You might remember my recent tissue box cover here - that one was a little more labor intensive to say the least. This one took about 2 seconds.

All you have to do is cut the bottom out of a used (i.e., empty) tissue box. Try slipping it over another tissue box to see if you need to widen it or anything. I did just a little. I opened up one side and then taped the sides together but farther apart. 

Then, grab some cork contact paper (~$10 at Target), and trace the outline onto the cork. Cut out the outline and simply adhere it to all four edges. Make sure your top piece has an oval-shaped hole in the middle to pull the tissue through.

Also, it's kind of fun to pin a little note to one side. Mine says "bless you!" It made J laugh when he saw it. :D

P.S. That bird shown in the photo is a Dollar Tree bird that I spray painted Krylon Celery.
And I spray painted the pinecone vase filler with the same color. Love it!

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  1. This is SOOOO neat. I would have thought you'd bought it at a boutique.

    Well done, you!

  2. That's very cute. Love the "bless you"!

  3. It's so cool. I love just about anything made with cork. It looks a million times better than those hideous prints they package tissues in. :)


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