In case you are interested, here is a photo calendar deal

Hello friends! Just wanted to post something really quick. It's a shopping deal that I think some of you may be interested in - perhaps it would make a nice Christmas gift...? 

I am signed-up to get daily emails from Living Social (and Groupon and Twongo), and this morning I was delighted to see this one. Living Social has a limited deal where for $12 you can get a voucher for a 12x12 custom photo calendar from Snapfish, which normally costs $25! I create a calendar for my mom's birthday in January every year, so that's why I am excited to find a deal that is actually going to save me money on something I was already going to buy. I don't think she will mind that I saved some money on it - in fact, she would encourage it!  :)

In case you are interested, the deal only lasts for I think 20 more hours, so again here is the link: 12x12 calendar deal

Have a great Tuesday!

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